Sep 7, 2010

Coming Up Soon on Mr. Cheatsheet

Now that we're in September, fantasy football is getting on the brain of most as fantasy baseball wraps up (or already has for some folk).  Being that this is a site strictly designed for fantasy baseball draft preparation, our work here is about to begin now that another season of baseball is coming to a close.  

The first part of preparation for the 2011 season will be revisit my predictions from 2010 and see where we succeeded and where we went wrong here.  I can already see some ways we succeeded (Carlos Gonzalez, Angel Pagan, Tim Hudson and, in this past month of full duty, Ryan Raburn).  But I know there were some duds in there too (Julio Borbon, Garrett Jones, B.J. Upton).  So, there's definitely some lessons to be learned as we get our thinking caps on for 2011.  

I welcome your suggestions for ways to improve our analysis but I also welcome anyone who is willing to help out in the upcoming months as we dive into the analysis.  I've been hoping I could find someone who has some web programming savvy to get these customizable cheatsheets within our website as well and that may be wishful thinking but if anybody is interested, let me know!