Nov 2, 2010

2010's Most Average Fantasy Player

As the baseball playoffs rolled along, one name has been at the tip of everyone's tongue: Cody Ross.  As a Phillies fan, I hate to give Mr. Ross even more press but I actually have an award to hand out to the little firecracker.  After tabulating the most average fantasy baseball team possible, I went one step further and tabulated the most average fantasy baseball player from 2010.  Instead of just looking at the WERTH value closest to 0.00, I wanted to see who was most average in all categories across the board as the premier example of our "average" player that we compare others to in a 12-team league.

There were actually two men who stood above all the rest by contributing and costing the closest to nothing in all categories: Chase Utley and the aforementioned Cody Ross.  Utley's injury and more limited AB's makes his average showing a little more understandable so instead I give this prestigious award to Cody Ross.  Let's take a gander at both of their average lines:

                            R       HR     AVG     RBI      SB
          Cody Ross        0.14   -0.22   -0.12   -0.01   -0.08
                           (71)    (14)   (.269)   (65)    (09)

          Chase Utley      0.31   -0.03    0.06   -0.01    0.24
                           (75)    (16)   (.275)   (65)    (13)

Let's give both of these men a round of applause for being the most average fantasy baseball players across the board that they could be in 2010.  And, many congratulations to Cody Ross for his playoff performance, World Series title and being 2010's Most Average Fantasy Player (MAFP?).

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  1. Cody Ross reminds me of me. This post exemplifies that resemblance.

  2. Haha, I could see that. Yeah, he frustrated me as a Phillies fan. But, such is life.